Designers, We Need To Talk About Stress

A little stress at work is healthy, giving us focus and motivation. A lot of stress is unpleasant, bad for your health, and stops you working well. Ben Simmons argues that, as designers, we need a tool-set to navigate stress. He shares his thoughts following his workshop at UXBristol 2017 in this video interview:



Ben Simmons

Ben has been doing his bit to tidy up the internet since 2001. He has created websites and digital services for 02, Samsung, Virgin, BT, as well as smaller companies and startups.

Following several years working in London and Sydney, he is now celebrating his decade in Bristol. Here he has worked with True, cxpartners, and is now freelancing, currently redesigning a 17-year-old business-critical application for Nationwide.

Ben has proudly managed to avoid publishing any books, building any kind of twitter following, and has an impressively low conference count. He hopes this is compensated by his healthy knowledge of cycle routes around the South West.