Designing with Information Properties

Lon Barfield ran a workshop examining taxonomies and the categorisation of information and how this can be used to make design decisions and group elements for display. In this interview, he describes his theory in more detail:



Lon Barfield

Lon Barfield lectures and writes on the subject of technology and people. Currently he is teaching at UWE on the cultural and social impacts of digital technology. Before this he worked at Hewlett Packard Research Labs and The Dutch National Computer Science Labs. He has a joint-honours degree in physics and computer science and a Masters in computer science. He has lectured in industry and on five different Masters courses related to UX and digital media including the OU and the HKU and has written a number of text books on the subject.

He co-founded a web-design company in 1994 in Amsterdam and has freelanced for all sorts of organisations including a small publishing company that had a problem with sheep in the office.