User-Centered Content

Helen Triggs and Mike Dunn have developed a simple tool to help you identify that sweet spot where content meets user needs and business objectives. In this interview they describe their UXBristol 2017 workshop on their user-centered content tool in more detail.

Rock ’n’ Roll Your Phone

Rachel Eardley facilitated a workshop to help designers create innovative UIs and based on an understanding of the principles of mobile phone interaction design. In this interview, she shares some insights into her research in this field.

Designing with Information Properties

Lon Barfield ran a workshop examining taxonomies and the categorisation of information and how this can be used to make design decisions and group elements for display. Hear him describe his theory in more detail in this short video interview.


Ella Fryer-Smith delivered a hands-on workshop at UXBristol 2017, in which she explored how to broaden the scope of your research by applying ethnographic principles to your work. In this short video interview, she gives us an insight into her methods and the workshop itself.

Designers, We Need To Talk About Stress

A little stress at work is healthy, giving us focus and motivation. A lot of stress is unpleasant, bad for your health, and stops you working well. Ben Simmons shares his thoughts on how designers can navigate stress following his workshop at UXBristol 2017.

Measuring Digital Impact

Tim Dixon introduced UXBristol workshop participants to a methodology for measuring and understanding the impact of digital projects and resources. In this short video he describes the workshop in more detail.

Short Talks

In the final session of UXBristol 2017, five brave speakers took to the stage to deliver a short talk on the topic of their choice.