Let’s build a bot! – Mat Walker & John Flitcroft

If you work in UX the chances are that a client or boss has come to talk to you about building a chatbot at some point over the past year or so.

In this workshop we’ll talk about what chatbots are and how they can be best used to help you and your clients business. We’ll give you advice on conducting workshop activities with your stakeholders to help define where a chatbot can be best deployed and the jobs they are best placed to tackle. Following this we’ll have a practical session on designing chatbot conversation flows.

In our company (The Unit) we specialise in design, innovation and strategy projects. Over the past couple of years we have built a number of chatbots and we use this design approach when we create bots for our clients.

Mat Walker
Mat is Head of UX at Brighton based strategy, design and technology company The Unit. He has over 20 years experience working on products and services for clients such as BBC, Pearson, RIBA and EDF. Mat has spent the majority of his career championing the value of user centred design and over the past couple of years has been focusing on digital innovation and strategy projects and establishing design leadership within organisations.

John Flitcroft
John is a Senior UX Designer at The Unit in Brighton. He is a designer who’s worked with organisations as diverse as Alzheimer’s Scotland, Burberry and the Scottish Government on projects ranging from service design to organisational change. His background encompasses a diverse range of academic research, freelance, in-house and agency work, which he draws on to create novel and exciting connected experiences