Co-design and other UX workshop tales – Stavros Garzonis

Empathising behind a one-way mirror is limited compared to an environment set up for collaboration and creativity. UX workshops create the environment where business stakeholders or end-users can effectively explore the problem space and generate solutions through hands-on, collaborative exercises. Co-design is a particularly powerful type of workshop, where users and client stakeholders co-create in the same room – getting this right can be an indispensable tool for your UX toolbox.

In this session, you will practice workshopping skills and learn about the risks, benefits, do’s and don’ts for planning and executing successful co-design workshops. Whether you are engaging a bunch of stakeholders, end-users or combining the two, come get some hands-on experience on how to do them better.

Stavros Garzonis
Stavros is a scientist trapped in user experience consultant’s body. He has been studying, teaching and practicing User Experience since 2002, building a diverse skill-set of UX research, design, management and mentoring. As a Senior UX consultant at cxpartners, he works with international brands delivering user research and design, but particularly hooked on the sweet-spot in-between.

Stavros also strongly believes in the value of community in UX (and in life). He was the President of UXPA UK and co-chair of UXPA 2014 International conference, and still actively involved as a UX Google Expert.