Measuring digital impact – Tim Dixon

In this workshop I’ll introduce you to a methodology for measuring and understanding the impact of digital projects and resources. We will consider a range of UX and wider research approaches, covering four perspectives for analysing digital impact:

My workshop will assist the UX practitioner, product owner and organisation decision maker in defining measurable KPIs for digital resource outputs, outcomes and impacts using the four perspectives above.

In the session we will explore, using practical examples from attendees’ own digital project experiences: – What’s the value of evaluation? – How do you apply this approach in the real world? – Which outcomes and impacts are relevant to a project of your choosing?

We will end by drawing together the different groups’ findings into the full model and consider next steps that can be taken towards digital strategy mapping. In doing so, we will see how this framework can assist businesses and other organisations in prioritising digital activities to maximise impact.

Tim Dixon
As a UX Consultant at Nomensa I thrive on exploring big picture digital thinking alongside specific usability and user testing that underpins this. Previously, as a socio-economic researcher at ERS I led evaluation, impact assessment and strategic review studies of digital projects and programmes in England, Wales and Scotland.

In the 10 years since completing my PhD in HCI, I’ve explored the world looking for novel ways to apply this understanding of human behaviour and cognition. From training in big business in Barcelona to literal fieldwork in Western Australia, my personal experiences have informed my research and consultancy approach. I’d love the chance to explore some of these thoughts and learnings with you too!